• The Grace Museum (map)
  • 102 Cypress Street
  • Abilene, TX, 79601
  • United States

Stroller Tours are The Grace's newest offering to adults interested in experiencing the current exhibition. The goal of Stroller Tours is to offer adults a chance to spend time in the gallery while providing a comfortable environment to bring your little one along for the ride. Adults can expect a different kind of outing that encourages adult conversation and no one will mind if you need to stop for a diaper-changing break. 

Stroller tours are designed for adults with babies ages 0 to 18 months. Babies must be in a stroller or sling. Tours are a half hour and the primary focus will pertain to one gallery. 

Pre-registration is required and limited to 10 families. Admission is free to Members and $6 per adult non member.