DIALOGUE: Larla Morales

THURSDAY, October 5

7 pm - Main Gallery

DIALOGUE is a collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Arts (CCA).  Artist Members from the CCA are invited to pair the work they create with art currently on view at The Grace and speak about the connections between the two.  The next artist to present will be Larla Morales.


I am very interested in creating works of art that hold a dialogue with the time and space they form in. I revel in sourcing, foraging and processing much of the media and materials I work with, such as earth pigments, natural fibers, fossils, stones and wood that are found predominantly in the local area. My works include sculptures, photography, painting, mixed media, fiber craft, metalworking and adornment. I create art to explore connectivity and celebrate novelty by utilizing traditional and arcane techniques as well as modern innovations to create a present dialogue that resonates with our collective history as humans.