• The Grace Museum - 2nd Floor Galleries (map)
  • 102 Cypress Street
  • Abilene, TX, 79601
  • United States

Meet the Artist: Katie Maratta

Thursday, July 20, 7 pm

2nd Floor Galleries

Katie Maratta, 2 Horses Running, 2015, graphite, ink, pastel, and watercolor on archival fiberboard, courtesy of the artist.

Meet artist Katie Maratta whose work is currently on view in the exhibition HORI Z    O  N    S    C     A      P      E      S located on the second floor.  Katie Maratta’s "horizonscapes" present an opportunity to experience long stretches of the Texas landscape in a totally new way. Close examination of Maratta’s long horizontal panels, composed of tiny graphite and ink sketches, reveals the often over-looked rhythm and pulse of landmarks on the outstretched horizon. Trees, swirling dust devils, highway signs, horses, hay bales, pump jacks, barns, farm houses, silos and endless stretches of roads and fences roll by in cinematic fashion reminiscent of a long road trip through West Texas.